Free Microsoft Access

wholesaler, Aug 6, 8:30am
Free Microsoft Access Basically I see I have access to alot of free Msoft programs via MSDN academic. And I cannot be arsed going to the comp rooms at uni and burning a cd. I have the serial key i need does anyone know where I can find a Access 2003 trial or download as I have had no luck finding them on torrents or google

dunedin_ree, Aug 6, 8:39am
But you said you have access via MSDN, if you're prepared to download them then why not get them from the Microsoft site?

wholesaler, Aug 6, 9:25am
Because with the site, as its via the uni i have to go to a certain location and burn the iso of access to a cd. And i thought it would be quicker to use my serial on a trial etc so i dont have to do the cd

mustang23, Aug 6, 8:59pm
You don't need to burn ISO'sjust use Daemon Tools to mount them into a virtual drive.

wholesaler, Aug 6, 9:05pm
LOL WRONG. They are on the uni server and we HAVE to take in a cd and get it burned to a cd so that we can use it at home.

kevin16, Aug 6, 9:07pm
'I cannot be arsed going to the comp rooms at uni and burning a cd.', you can't be arsed so why should we?,..

wholesaler, Aug 6, 9:10pm
.Because firstly, I have no dam clue where the room is, actually have spare time in my uni day nor have any CDs avaliable And do as you please.

lviolets, Aug 6, 9:53pm
Try searching office 2003 torrent plenty of options, but access comes with word etc

wholesaler, Aug 6, 9:58pm
YeaI was hoping for a stand alone version but was not able to find one without doing the cd thing so i might have to dl the full office

1clickaway, Aug 7, 12:10am
Lets See If I Got This Right You (the first post) are wanting a (hacked) version of access because you are at uni and 'stole' a key? And asking for a download through torrent or similar? Thats just wrong - illegal and stupid. (anyone have pop-corn?)

mrfxit, Aug 7, 12:12am
LMFAO lazy bugger Why not ASK where the room is? & anyways, it's good to have a copy on cd for later reformats etc.

1clickaway, Aug 7, 12:18am
OhI just been to the MSDN site; And here; Read this ya plick; "Go to "Course Specific Software" and choose "Select Commerce Datasets" From the Explorer window which opens, look in the "Commerce" folder then the "Info" folder then the "ISO" folder.
This contains the CD images. The ISO CD images for the available Microsoft applications are in the 'MSDNAA' folder.

You should copy the ISO image(s) that you wish to write to CD down to the hard drive of the local computer, in either the 'C:\Temp' or 'C:\Users' folders.

You will need to use the 'Nero Burning ROM 6' application accessible under the 'General Software' menu, then inside the 'Utilities' sub-folder.
Please note that this software is only available in Commerce 3.03 while in the School of Business student laboratories."

hellfx, Aug 7, 12:30am
Hmmmmm drink up me hearties YO HO

deodar, Aug 7, 12:43am
If you Have Legit access to the labs They give away CD's,burn them for you
& present them to you for home use.
But their Academic Status with M/$
is jeopodised by any Shananigans.And
the lecturer/tutors can be in a bad
situation,so can other students and
the whole Dept.Is It worth the risk?

woogmo, Aug 7, 1:55am
--- i got vista through the academic alliance and xp before that. Also visual studio pro and just noticed server 2008 is there now. You used to have to sign the discs out and return them, better now that you can just burn it yourself

pcmaster, Aug 7, 2:02am
do you ACTUALLY NEED 2003 version? or can you get away with using an older version?

kevin16, Aug 7, 2:12am
Or a third party equivalent

wholesaler, Aug 7, 7:31am
I have 07 ultimate office but I need 03 as the course is based on 03. But I found the location after writing my earlier posts and thats why I stopped. But cheers anyway bar 1clickaway for being stupid

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