Any printer experts here?

fifie, Aug 8, 5:31am
Any printer experts here? Any ideas as to whats up with my printer? Black printing all skewed i have checked that i got right paper setting etc, cleaned heads, checked alignment, now its printing very pale and every 6th line or so it is still skewed, or it dosen't print at all. Colour is fine, and its a brother MFC215C printer with new ink cartridges all full.What have i done wrong? Tnx

hakatere1, Aug 8, 10:51am
Search the forums here

comfreak91, Aug 8, 11:08am
Did you just buy it if so the ink cartridge may have screwed up and dried up or something, i had the same issue with my old brother printer with the yellow. not sure what else it could be, maybe you will just have to print heaps for it to sort itself out. its a good printer anyways, hopefully youll find a fix,

dave1025, Aug 8, 10:14pm
You could try giving the strip that runs behind The carriage a clean, but it looks to me like your black head might be poked.

fifie, Aug 8, 11:59pm
Thanks guys for all your suggestions, printers only about 18mths old, i will have a look at that strip but i have a feeling you might be right about the head as last night i lined up 10 pages of black print and colour and just let it go, and thought i had fixed the problem, it was printing great for a few pages then the problem appeared again. Oh well maybe another printer is needed..

hairydog2, Aug 9, 12:04am
I have one of these Have you tried a manual clean on the ink channels. The printer normally does it automatically, but on occasion I have had to run a manual clean.

dave1025, Aug 9, 2:13am
Are they not the Brothers with the head problems? I don't actually do Brothers, I'm HP, but they will all be nasty bits of knitting.

fifie, Aug 9, 6:30am
sounds like a good idea,as im getting colour pics now with lines that indicate clogged head. Im a grandma who can find my way round the puter and can fix most problems i get with that, but know little about printers can you tell me how do i manualy clean the ink channels, or do i bite the bullet and take it in to be serviced, don't want to stuff it up completely lol..

1clickaway, Aug 9, 8:11am
You've Said That the printer is 18 months old; Have you used it since then? If not; While your printer is 'sitting' around; Its likely that the ink has 'dried' up; Which means its a trip to the store and get new ink; :)

hairydog2, Aug 9, 11:47am
fifi 1, press ink management; 2,press arrow up or arrow down to select cleaning, press menu/set; 3, press arrow up or arrow down to select black, colour or all. Press menu/set. The machine will clean the print head. When it has finished, the machine will go back to standby mode automatically. Hope this helps.

hakatere1, Aug 10, 4:59pm
Fifie see post . Full instructions there on cleaning brother heads. Be warned, it's not easy.

fifie, Aug 11, 1:26am
Been doing the house work on the printer all morning lol, and its working like a charm now. Just printed off heaps and its all fine again. Im happy. Not sure what fixed it but but done what you said so maybe thats cleared everything. That site is good, have bookmarked it for future problems.. Thanks so much for your help.

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