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deus701, Aug 9, 4:31am
Thinking of getting a new pc (for gaming). Advice? Since i bought a ps3 and psp.. my plans for a gaming laptop has been scrapped for a gaming pc instead? Anyone can recommend? windows 32 bit or 64bit? Quad Core or Duo Core? Nvidia GT series or Ati? Any future proof components/factors I should look into? Budget would be around 2k for the unit itself excluding monitor. Thanks in advance.

nzmu, Aug 9, 4:35am
Go see your local and reputable pc builder, tell them what you need and they will build it. Far better than buying named brands.

deus701, Aug 9, 4:40am
Thought of getting it off these one<br /> ..and then I see comp specs with quad core and having two video

spj2, Aug 9, 9:41am
Yep, if you wanted to send me the cash, I could send you the computer. I have done this for quite a lot of people through my company. I can send you a Word document of a few configurations and you can also tell me what you want and I can work something out for you.

spj2, Aug 9, 9:46am
And, I wouldn't charge you anything just the price of the components, which I do my best to get as cheap as possible without being too ridiculous and having to wait for people to send parts from around the country! Of course, if you wanted to send a few bucks my way I wouldn't say no! But I wouldn't ask for anything either as I genuinely enjoy doing it.

deus701, Aug 9, 9:48am
Sounds good.. now im just checking out some cards what do you think of Geforce 9800GT 512MB? Is it worth shelling out an extra $150 for the 9800GTX? Or would a 8-series GT be enough?

kylestyle, Aug 9, 10:08am
Neither ATI HD4850/70 is the baddest boy on the block at the moment. Nvidia are in second place, for the first time since their FX series cards.

deus701, Aug 9, 10:16am
wow, really? i will consider that too hope its able to handle digital television/freeview smoothly. Is it better to get a mid range card and spend more on hdd space? or a great card, and scimp on the rest? Already had the rest figured out more or lesscpu would be E8400 3.0ghz, ram would be 4Gb, motherboard either giga or asus.

baker-assoc, Aug 9, 10:20am
If you throw the money my way I can build you, Gaming rig much cheaper than in stores, ive done this with quite a few members

baker-assoc, Aug 9, 10:21am
If u want I can send some quotes just give me a email

baker-assoc, Aug 9, 10:21am
Or as said go talk to your local pc shop and get them to customize one to your budget

deus701, Aug 9, 10:25am
My local pc guy is in aust for a holiday so just figuring out what to put in. What's the email add baker?

spj2, Aug 9, 10:38am
Mine is aarunjury at google's fine mail service (that is gmail) dot com. The 9800GTX is a bit over priced for what it does. Dual (SLi) 8600 or 8800Gt/GTX's would be better.

spj2, Aug 9, 10:42am
And I disagree about the HD series the Nvidia cards are much better.
It is no problem to add a digital tuner. I have done this to my own PC and really like having TV on my PC. The hardware requirements are very little if you ensure you get a decent card that handles all the processing itself. Some cards don't have their own encoders and rely on the CPU thus slowing the computer down.
Hard drives are so cheap these days it is not a issue of having to sacrifice budget on the video card for HDD space. Nice choice for the motherboard, I swear by both Gigabyte and Asus and would buy nothing else. 4GB is not neccessary unless you want to run a 64bit OS. 32bit XP and Vista can only address up to 3.75GB of RAM. So, 3GB is sufficient.

deus701, Aug 9, 10:42am
I was considerin the idea of sli two 8800gt but maybe its better to get a better card instead. Now just checkin out the ati hd card..specs look good, reviews..positive.

deus701, Aug 9, 10:45am
thanks for that s, Im lookin in puttin Hauppage WinTV HVR3000 for $155. But yeah, after watchin the level of detail on my mate's 2gb ram, 2.8 core duo, 8800 GS, I guess 3Gb ram would be sufficient.

spj2, Aug 9, 10:46am
I disagree. You should see some of the 3DMark benchmarks of systems running SLi!! Very impressive! The reviews for the ATi cards are good but I have found real world performance is poor. Not to mention all the ATi drivers are terrible!! Don't even contemplate running Linux with an ATi card and I hear from almost everyone who I know who owns an ATi card running Vista, they moan about how basic Vista functions like Flip3D appear choppy etc cos they ATi Vista drivers are poor. But flick me an email and I can help you a bit more if you are interested?

deus701, Aug 9, 10:48am
I heard about ati havin crap drivers but the drivers for the HD cards are reportedly better. Anyway, have flicked you an email.

spj2, Aug 9, 10:50am
Yep I have a hauppage, excellent cards with brilliant driver support. Only thing is, Vista Media Centre doesn't support our Freeview video codec (H.264) so you will have to use WinTV or something similar. And, the GS series is definitely a budget card. It is seriously worth putting i the extra coin for a GT or GTX. I once had a 7300GS and it is a shocker!! Wouldn't even think about trying to play Crysis on it!! And everyone knows, the ability to play Crysis on full detail is the ultimate test of a PC at this point in time.

deus701, Aug 9, 10:56am
Spj2, what do you think of this? are you able to beat that price? auction 169783858

spj2, Aug 9, 11:09am
Hey deus, that is quite cheap, but like I said before, am I just doing this as a favour for my fellow citizen and am not trying to profit out of it so I mean I guess I could try hunt down some bargains but I can't guarantee I would get anything cheaper. His seems like a good price but I think you should be aware, he is probably using a Motherboard with a crap Intel chipset onboard instead of an Nvidia and also the BenQ monitors, put simply are sh*t especially for gaming due to poor response time and terrible contrast ratio.

oclaf, Aug 9, 11:15am
Thats a good price. not a huge mark up, i price the component cost on that system at around 1650 inc vista home. but i'd be very iffy about powering that on a 430W psu.

spj2, Aug 9, 11:17am
Ya, 600W would be a little bit more thoughtful/realistic.

deus701, Aug 9, 11:18am
On that system, he uses a Intel G31 Asus P5kPL-CM, 2 ram slots, 4 sata slots, and 1 pci-e slot. Is that any good?

spj2, Aug 9, 11:24am
Intel G31 is not very good at all. The nVidia 730i etc chipsets are much, much better with better support for pretty much everything e.g. SLi, should you choose to go down that path in the future. And, if you did take that PC, you wouldn't be able to go SLi because it only has one PCI-E slot!

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