Trying to get an HP C7270 printer to print

yovas, Aug 9, 7:49am
Trying to get an HP C7270 printer to print Hi, I have a new printer which I have installed on to my computer but I can't get anything to print. Can anyone help please??

1clickaway, Aug 9, 7:57am
SoWhat did you try? Did you install from Cd rom? or default install? What Operating System? When you go into Control Panel; And click on Printers; Is your HP showing?

yovas, Aug 9, 7:59am
Yes, the printer picture is sitting in the printers box. I am running XP. Cheers

1clickaway, Aug 9, 8:01am
Printer So is there a Black TICK next to the picture?

yovas, Aug 9, 8:02am
Yes! Very frustrating! What have I done wrong?

yovas, Aug 9, 8:07am
Asyou can tell, I am no computer whizz Does anyone have any ideas??

1clickaway, Aug 9, 8:08am
Basic Steps Assuming you followed all commands; I'm guessing that you MIGHt need to restart PC? And see if NEW hardware picks up printer; Even though you have installed it; Check cables; Make sure printer is turned on; Check in control panel; Printers; And right click on PROPERTIES; Then click on TEST Printer; See if that helps; :)

yovas, Aug 9, 8:24am
Thank you for your help 1clickaway will try again using your advice. Cheers.

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