Canon Disc Printer Driver - download needed

teraki.designs, Aug 10, 5:40am
Canon Disc Printer Driver - download needed I have a Canon IP 3000 but I need the printer driver for it to print CD's etc or is it just a software that I need? any ideas please?

teraki.designs, Aug 10, 5:46am
Bumping with hope of someone kind enough to help!

comfreak91, Aug 10, 5:49am
Not sure if you have ha a look at canon website under support or something

fraseroz1, Aug 10, 5:50am
This might help out also

teraki.designs, Aug 10, 5:52am
Cool will have a look butIt is the printer driver or a software thing the one I have seen used for this printer is "LabelPrint" or similar anyone similar? Just my brother has left me in the thick of doing 50+ discs for my father before he flies out next morning overseas for work.

comfreak91, Aug 10, 5:58am
Id think 'labelprint' (not entirely sure) is for designing covers to print on sticker paper, which you would stamp onto a cd. Wheras the ip3000 may need the original software to use its feature of print directly

fraseroz1, Aug 10, 6:07am
Teraki Do you get them emails for the Job application? If so you have mail

teraki.designs, Aug 10, 6:13am
I was also just thinking about the namecould it be CDLabel or something as I have the tray to slide into the printer to print the disc.

barmanmyk, Aug 10, 6:16am
It is called CD-Labelprint and is found here: "C:\Program Files \Canon\CD-LabelPrint\CDLabelPrint.exe"

teraki.designs, Aug 10, 6:19am
FrazorI don't think that would do what I need as what I need is to take a already burnt DVD and print the company logo on the top of it. I have the Canon IP3000 printer that we have used before for this but my brother has moved out of home and has left me (the only daughter) of the family to deal with this. He was so nice he formatted the computer on me too so I have had to download software to burn the DVD's

soodanim, Aug 10, 11:03am
has the program you need.

listers, Aug 11, 12:47am
Agree with & And it can be downloaded from here:

hakatere1, Aug 11, 1:47am
Once you open cdlabelprint, just click new, open your company logo in paint, irfanview or whatever, edit, copy and then go back to cdlabelprint and right click,paste. You must have your canon cd somewhere to install the necessary software, or d/l from canon support site. Good site too, I might add.

soodanim, Aug 11, 2:28am
You don't even need to do can "browse" to the folder where the image is and insert it.

gyrogearloose, Aug 11, 2:33am
Inserting the graphic gives better print quality in my opinion, than pasting.

hakatere1, Aug 11, 2:43am
I realise you can insert an image, but I find it easier while browsing pics in Irfanview to simply click edit/copy than try to remember number of image when I have literally thousands. Maybe I should do a little tidying up of my albums lol. I should tidy up my d/l folder too. I have d/l many apps in the past and I have no idea what they're for now. At the time they seemed as if I couldn't do without them.

soodanim, Aug 11, 2:55am
Yep tidy up time...but as above, inserting is better than pasting and it also shows thumbnails so you can see rather than try and remember file names

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