adsl modem with one ethernet and usb port

brijo, Aug 12, 10:25pm
Adsl modem with one ethernet and usb port Im asuming you cant use both its either one or the other ?

soodanim, Aug 12, 10:47pm
You can use both...

drcspy, Aug 12, 11:44pm
Hey why would you assume that ? anyway as sood says your assumption is WRONG !!!

seriouslycgi, Aug 12, 11:49pm
The manual is the best reference ive seen some manuals say not to use both at the same time. a switch is really cheap these days ~$20 or less in some cases. (new) mine was ~$20 a few years ago and its still going good.

drcspy, Aug 12, 11:50pm
Why spend any money when it's simple as to hook up and test it out......d-link modems work perfectly well on both at the same time for example

seriouslycgi, Aug 12, 11:59pm
yes i agree if it can do it then don't go buying anything extra. read the friendly manual or download it online to see if your supports this option.

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