Multipurpose printer.Brother v Canon?

islaybrian, Aug 13, 1:31am
Multipurpose printer.Brother v Canon? I have a Canon MP140 rinter which needs new colour and blck carts costing around $100.00 for the genuine articles.I have just seen Brother multipurp printers model DCP-150c for $79.00 and the cost of repalcement carts almost half the price of the Canons.It seems good economics to dump the Canon which is a good machine,for the Brother and save big bucks.Has anyone had experience of this model Brother or of this brand of printer in general?
I like Canon but the price of their carts is too high.
Comments appreciated please?

_sexylady_, Aug 13, 1:34am
Not that model but we do sell a few brother printers (no bad feedback to date), when it comes to inkjet i advise to only purchase one that has separate colour ink cartridges (and not one TRI tank).

soodanim, Aug 13, 1:37am
Compatible Ink? why not use third party ink? I have a canon ip4300, it has 5 ink tanks...Originals cost around $120 I get 3rd party ink for $50. I've not noticed any loss of quality or not printing as many but then I don't use it for photos just the odd DVD and text.

pcgeek, Aug 13, 1:45am
Just be aware that using after market products while your printer is still under warranty will void your warranty.

sgrants, Aug 13, 1:47am
Yeah go for aftermarket inks! Some times not using genuine inks "voids warranty" but the economics still work out cheaper even if you got to but a new printer after a few ink changes!!!

soodanim, Aug 13, 1:47am
Not always They'd have to prove the ink was the problem...

eventpro, Aug 13, 1:52am
I have a Brother It's about 3 years old and probably getting close to the end of the line. The print quality is not as flash as it used to be and I have encountered software issues since moving to Vista. I tried after market inks in the machine, but it really didn't like it at all, in fact I sent them back to the supplier and had them changed for the real thing.

soodanim, Aug 13, 1:54am
Also not all "third party" inks are created equal...I had to try a few before finding decent ones....I get my ink from problems.

pcgeek, Aug 13, 2:35am
a few years ago I was the unfortunate tech who got all the printer jobs, and all I can say is its amazing the mess such a little aftermarket cartridge makes!

nzmu, Aug 13, 5:32am
New printers do not like alternate inks and can tell the difference. Most will have popups warning you that you will void the warranty etc. I have seen too many new printers fail (one guy came on here and said his canon stopped altogether). Older printers handle them ok, watch for photos etc fading, and some black print even turns to brown with these 'other inks'. Personally, I like my epson for reasonable cost carts and the distance they govery happy with the output too.

soodanim, Aug 13, 6:11am
There are ways around that most inks are chipped...Tho the compatible ones I use come chipped and don't have a problem. Some you need to swap the chips from the original inks and that's were some problems can arise.

badcam, Aug 13, 7:51am
I don't know anything about Canon's but Brother printers use ink even when you're not using your printer. They have to to keep the heads clean I understand, something like that anyway. If you tend to use your printer all the time then Brother MFC's are really good. Personally, I've given up on inkjets full stop. If you can live without printing colour, go for a laser.

islaybrian, Aug 13, 8:29am
Thanks for your comments They are proving helpful.
Jury still out at the moment tho'

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