Is it possible to convert a ADSL router, or WAP..

nzoomed, Aug 13, 9:53pm
Is it possible to convert a ADSL router, or WAP.. etc into a basic (and i mean really basic) web server? they already run a web server for the router configuration interface, but i was wondering if there would be some way to change the firmware on them, so that you could make it host your own customized web site? its not a big page ive got, and wouldnt be any more than 2MB in size, i want to host my own web site, but i dont want a computer in my room running 24/7, i could use an old laptop, but id rather have something compact and small, i wonder if ther is anything commercially availabe that could do that, anyway, i dont see it would not be possible.

spyware, Aug 13, 9:57pm
Heaps of books on Amazon about embedded systems, i.e., buy a cheap microcontroller and write firmware/software yourself.

kevin16, Aug 13, 9:59pm
If a device could do that it would be a computer, haven't thought about this very hard have you,.. what os would it run on, how would you configure/repair or even turn on and off,

nzoomed, Aug 13, 10:05pm
Do you not know that your ADSL router IS a Computer! its a basic computer, has a CPU, Memory, and storage space and the network is used fot input and output, the software on them hosts the web server side of it for the interface, and the networking side, which controls the ADSL and sends and receives packtets etc, forwarding them on to the correct address etc.

cybertao, Aug 13, 10:13pm
Such things do exist A lot of network storage drives include bittorrent clients and something like apache availiable. As for doing it yourself, it would depend on what hardware you have. I was quite suprised to discover my dsl-g604t is running linux/uclibc with busybox - I can telnet into it and log in. It seems a few people have built their own firmware for it. But it's so much effort, don't bother unless it's for 'fun'. Especially since the hardware in these devices is often underpowered.

nzoomed, Aug 13, 10:17pm
Your right ive found alot of dlink products have linux on them, and it has a notice about the GNU software agreement inside alot of them when you read it, i think i will try and look for one of those tiny card computers,(basically a motherboard with everything on it), see my other thread. I agee that its probably not the best, and the hardware is probably underpowered, but would be a fun project.

cybertao, Aug 13, 10:33pm
I've got a few old Compaq SFF's I set one up at my mum's. 400Mhz P2 with 128Mb of RAM. It's running linuxfromscratch with OpenSSH and SAMBA so she can work on the same files from the laptop or desktop, acts as a WIN server, so no wait time to see other computers on the network(a common problem Windows has). When I want to work on it, I can SSH in from any networked computer. Not that I have to anymore, it works perfectly.

gyrogearloose, Aug 13, 10:34pm
Google for OpenWrt or OpenWrt Web Server.

cybertao, Aug 13, 10:38pm
The next step is to rebuild it with a linux/uclibc system and tighten up the security. Also adding an IMAP server to store email on, and connecting the printers so they are always shared on the network. But first I have to track down some motivation, and then buy some time...

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