need help now.......printer

jneezma, Aug 14, 2:00am
Need help now.......printer Who can kindly tell me what may have caused my printer to stop working and how to mend.
I use an Epson C41UX (Probably irrelevant). I was using successfully last week. This week I hit the print button on my computer for a document, it sends the message to the printer, and says it is preparing to do so. It never eventuates and the printer is unresponsive. I tried going into utilities for a test print but it wont respond to anything. I can see both computer and printing are working....they just cant come together on the idea. Any ideas..........welcome.

barmanmyk, Aug 14, 2:02am
Cheked your ink levels? if it's out of ink, it may not print. I use Canon here which warns me, but if I miss the warning or someone else gets it & dismisses it, we have a similar problem until I replace the ink.

jneezma, Aug 14, 2:03am
Mine will notify me if that is the case. levels are good.
OH- and have checked all the necessary leads in good and tight.

kevin16, Aug 14, 2:13am
Try this

chito, Aug 14, 2:16am
Probably needs the 'Ink waste tank' reset. Look on fixyourownprinter.

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