Printer not printing black

virchilly, Aug 14, 5:48am
Printer not printing black I've had this Canon S200SP printer for a few years now. The colour cartridge prints o.k. but now the black (B24 cartridge)has decided to give up the ghost. It's a new cartidge and I've been into properties - maintenance and done the clean nozzle thingy but still nothing. Any ideas?

0800xford, Aug 14, 7:05am
not worth fixing i reckon, maybe find it's newer equivalent it may take the same refills? my printer here has more dollars worth of ink in it that the printer cost :s

virchilly, Aug 14, 8:06am
Cheers yeah, think you might be right, just thought someone might actually know what happened!!

portly, Aug 14, 8:26am
Greetings, my canoniP90 did the same thing, took it into the Cannon people they said the nozzle was blocked, gave it full service at same time cost $40, but I live in AK and Cannon is just down the road, so wheather it`s worth it to send from Gisborne is up to you. If you do they are in Carbine Rd Mt Welllington Auckland.

pcmaster, Aug 14, 8:32am
If its a new cartridge simply take it back to where you got it from and get a replacement one. easy.

virchilly, Aug 14, 8:55am
i do think it's a blocked nozzle, hopefully a computer repairs place will be able to fix it. If i have to send it to Auckland, i might just buy a new printer!!

this is the second new cartridge i've tried.

Thanks all, don't think there's any more to be said now ...

2295, Aug 14, 8:55am
Try this Take the print head out of the printer and take cartridges out of the print head, or vise verser. Clean print head and nozzles in worm clean water only with an old soft toothbrush and dry thoroughly with hairdryer, reassemble and test. You may need to do maintenance cleaning several times.

virchilly, Aug 14, 8:57am
Thanks , i'll try that tomorrow

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