ADSL2+ / Dlink G604T Router issue

daniel_jrm, Aug 14, 7:56am
ADSL2+ / Dlink G604T Router issue I have upgraded the firmware to the AU/NZ ADSL2+ Firmware V2.00B12.AU_20070509

I have included a picture showing there is no ADSL2+ Option, The current firmware I have, and proof it is ADSL2+ compatable.

Thanks in advance. =]

technomagus, Aug 14, 12:35pm
Firmware upgrades on Routers dont always work, just like flash BIOS upgrades dont always work..Can u return the router to original config ? Also D-link routers are crap ! Do yourself a favour and Bin it !

soodanim, Aug 14, 1:05pm
What exactly are u expecting to be there?

radzb, Aug 14, 2:36pm
You are right I have done that flash when I used to have that router and that is not what that page should look like. I'd say the flash didnt work or its not the right version.

radzb, Aug 14, 2:40pm
Just remembered did you follow the instructions to the letter as there are a few different firmware upgrades available and it strictly depended on the revision of modem you have not the firmware revision.

swivel, Aug 14, 8:29pm
was it a Xtra Modem, as if it was, you needed to get the upgrade via them. Did you read the warnings

_whatever, Aug 14, 8:45pm
What an a$$ "Also D-link routers are crap ! Do yourself a favour and Bin it !"no problems here with a 604T!

cybertao, Aug 14, 8:55pm
Mine was an Xtra, and it flashed fine. It's running V3.00B02.NZ.20060711 - the possible problem I see is that you flashed it with V2 of the AU firmware. Go back to , select the DSL G604T(NOT the G604T_TX) Under 'Downloads for DSL-G604T - NZ' you will find firmware for revisions A, B, and C. Check what revision your modem is on the sticker underneath it. Download the appropriate firmware(in .exe form), read the setup guide, and install.

daniel_jrm, Aug 15, 4:52am
Thanks heaps for all your replies. I used to the a really nice Linksys one, and I had this Dlink as a back up. bit too short on cash to upgrade (;

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