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1speed, Aug 15, 6:26am
Adobe Flash Player We are trying to download the latest version because some of the sites we used to use now require this. However we are having problems downloading it. It says the download is complete, but we still can't get into the sites. Can somebody please help us? Thank you.

wholesaler, Aug 15, 6:29am
Have you restarted the browser?

1speed, Aug 15, 6:31am
Does that mean the same as shutting down the whole computer, because we did that. We also tried just closing down all the programmes that were running and re-opening them too. Neither made any difference.

wholesaler, Aug 15, 6:31am
When you were installing it did you close the browser?

1speed, Aug 15, 6:33am
No we left everything running are we meant to shut it down? Sorry if these are silly questions, not particularly crash hot at the technical side of computers.

wholesaler, Aug 15, 6:34am
Basically you generally need to close the browser during install, I mean it can still install when its open. Best bet would to try it again with the browser closed during install and see if it works

r.g.nixon, Aug 15, 6:35am
Firefox or Internet Exploder? Just close all instances of the browser and then start it again.

1speed, Aug 15, 6:35am
Okay thanks I'll give that a go :)

1speed, Aug 15, 6:36am
Lol don't know about Exploder but we do have Internet Explorer :)

wholesaler, Aug 15, 6:37am
Re 7 He/she restarted the machine so obviously that didnt work

1speed, Aug 15, 6:53am
Hi, tried shutting down IE while it was installing, but didn't work either :( I think it stopped installing when I shut it down. Any other ideas?

r.g.nixon, Aug 15, 7:39am
Try uninstalling it using the Windows Uninstaller from Then reinstall it (download again if you didn't file it away somewhere)

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