Laptop -- Compaq, Acer, or Toshiba ?

Laptop -- Compaq, Acer, or Toshiba ? Buying a new laptop, budget no more than $1200. I do a few photos, internet ( got broadband ), and a few spreadsheets, maybe a few cheap small games. What would be a good buy, and which brand ? thanx

geek_jfor, Aug 16, 11:47 am

Brand is not as important as chipset.. Get one with a centrino core...

geek_cyberray, Aug 16, 11:52 am

For quality i vote asus or sony. thats my personal opinion. keep in mind that will match any other new zealand company's laptop price. take a look on for current prices nation wide.

geek_oclaf, Aug 16, 11:55 am

Dell, Asus or Toshiba Acers apparently fall to bits after a year and HP/ Concrap are just rubbish...if youre just using it for internet, word processing and email dont worry too much about Tech specs

geek_michellew2k, Aug 16, 11:56 am

Im buying a new lappie next week and after heaps of research Im buyinh one from the dell website and are customising one to suit my needs and it will only cost $1200 delivered. I have bought 3 computers from Dell and the service is excellent. Also owned Asus and Toshiba lappies

geek_michellew2k, Aug 16, 11:57 am

Sharp get an asus, they have great processors, incrediable balanced.

and if ur a gamer they are a gaming machine so there built for speed. my new asus can run nything on the market perfectly

geek_sharpeyes1, Aug 16, 12:15 pm

Toshiba had an asus, it was crap. got a cheap compaq as a 2nd cheapie, it is crap. Have a look at the dell xps online as well.

geek_radzb, Aug 16, 12:34 pm

.get a toshiba

geek_shrapz, Aug 16, 1:01 pm

Had an asus, it was cr@p. got a cheap compaq you get what you pay for.Buy a lada don't expect a lexus. All the leading companies put out budget models with indifferent build quality and low spec componentsthey die early. Get a high end compaq or asus open them up and compare them to the low end models and there is a world of difference in build quality. This doesnt apply to all acers which are cr@p and all dells which are made from recycled yoghurt containers. I refuse to work on either brand anymore or lowend lenovos.

geek_zahudum, Aug 16, 2:49 pm

what the hell are you talking about "get an asus, they have great processors" what a dumbass statement!

geek__whatever, Aug 16, 2:55 pm

Lol "I have bought 3 computers from Dell and the service is excellent." - but not the durability, it seems, if you've been through 3 of 'em!

geek_barmanmyk, Aug 16, 2:59 pm

Toshiba and it sounds like sharpeyes1 is someone that doesn't know anything

geek_swivel, Aug 16, 3:01 pm

I vote toshiba certainly over my last asus at least :)

geek_griffie431, Aug 16, 3:45 pm

Have you thought about which O/S as in XP Vista ?? vista has a few versions even for simple use. I would want at least Vista Home Premium. There are still a few lappys with XP installed, I think XP would be better on a low spec machine. I also recommend getting extended warranty on Lappys, I have seen some of the cheapies die a few months after warranty.

geek_pcfix4u, Aug 16, 4:31 pm

Clearly none of you know anything about computers aye

geek_comfreak91, Aug 16, 4:32 pm

Jfor this is my opinion I think your needs are really basic, and you wont need to spend more than $1300, what you need should be in the $900-1200 bracket. since you want games , you may want to think about a dedicated graphics card. Speaking from experience, if you want to play CS Source or FEAR on the lowest setting, an integrated graphics card (e.g. intel 940/945) is not enough even if you have all the ram and processor speed. My opinion: Get the laptop which you think suits you. by this i mean in design. besides design , at that price bracket they arent set apart by much. if you want to play games like sims 2, then integrated card is ok. Dont get an extended warranty, unless you like to abuse your laptop by that i mean treat it roughly. if you treat it normally its extremely unlikely that anything will go wrong, extended warranty will cost you $300-400, what a rip . simple, if something goes wrong outside the 1 year (and i really doubt it would) then you have rights under consumer guarantees act

geek_comfreak91, Aug 16, 4:38 pm

Comfreak91 No, I know nothing about computers, Just BS my way through.

geek_swivel, Aug 16, 5:49 pm

I knew it now the truth comes out.

geek_radzb, Aug 16, 8:41 pm

Radzb Yep. BS my way through all the courses and exams, BS the customers at the shop for almost 5 years (But they come to me, as i don't advertise), BS the TM members (HHMMMMM maybe I should run for PM) So then I could BS while asleep in the Big Wellington Kindergarten (SP) they call the Bee Hive. LOL

geek_swivel, Aug 16, 8:45 pm

Comfreak91 Quote "simple, if something goes wrong outside the 1 year (and i really doubt it would) then you have rights under consumer guarantees act". Not with the shop you sold it. Read my poor ID 10 T

geek_swivel, Aug 16, 8:48 pm

I have no idea what you are on about?

geek_comfreak91, Aug 16, 9:03 pm

Do not buy Acer. .. cheap 'n' nasty.

geek_gibler, Aug 16, 9:13 pm

Comfreak91 Your an ID10T if you think the CGA will help after a year. Not that easy

geek_swivel, Aug 16, 10:23 pm

Not sure if I agree therre have you looked into the CGA swivel? Have seen more than one person come through our repaire center with CGA claims. Can get your self in to quite a bit of trouble doing/saying the wrong things with CGA.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Aug 16, 10:28 pm

I've repaired alot of asus and toshiba so i cant recommend them, they both had the same problems, blown keyboard controller being the most common

geek_tamatib, Aug 16, 11:51 pm

Bump thanx for all your advice so far still not much wiser, should I look for a 2gb ram ?

geek_jfor, Aug 17, 9:00 am

Pyro_sniper2002 What i'm trying to say is, After a year (which By NZ law) they have to give, After that it's back to the Manufacture, and thats where the Headache for the customer lies. The reasonable time is a very grey area after 1 year

geek_swivel, Aug 17, 12:30 pm



geek_tony_m_s, Aug 19, 5:25 am

Yes I have had 3 Dells lol But not because they have needed replaced LOL, I bought a desktop in 2002, sold that when I moved North 2 years later, bought a work computer and bought a laptop....all going strong!

geek_michellew2k, Aug 19, 7:00 am