Printer nozzles blocked

mariner26, Aug 18, 5:07am
Printer nozzles blocked Does anyone know how to unblock the nozzles of a printer head on a Canon Pixma printer. Have tried the cleaning etc checks via the maintenance section of the driver software but to no avail. Can they be unblocked manually. Can places like "Cartridge World" outlets do anything or would a specialist printer repairs firm have to be engaged?
Thanks for any help and advice.

wholesaler, Aug 18, 5:15am
Depends on how its blocked I guess. Get a piece of paper and dab the inks onto it for a little while see if there is any dust or dirt blocking the flow. If you cannot resolve it Cartrige world may be able to help

1clickaway, Aug 18, 5:21am
Really Depends On how long the printer has been 'sitting'; Often left for months; the ink would have 'dried' up; Thus making printing very hard; No real easy way to get them clean either; Try shaking the cartridge to see how much ink is left; then to loosen dried ink; Soak quickly in isopropyl alcohol MIGHT work; But it might also runi the ink.

fraseroz1, Aug 18, 6:37am
Good old window cleaner Put some on the sponges the heads clean themselves on and away you go. Don't overdo it with the window cleaner and you will be fine.

got2bin2win, Aug 18, 6:59am
Window cleaner? well i won't diss it but that doesn't sound remotely logical, sounds like the print head is blocked!, nothing to do with the cartridges, but if the cartridges are low and old you could try a new set, but if you aren't getting any black or color's then would suggest a new printer or print head.

eventpro, Aug 18, 7:56am
Think I know where is coming from I haven't heard of using window cleaner, but have soaked cotton makeup removal pads with isopropyl and left them against the heads. The alcohol tracks up into the heads and dissolved the buildup. As long as none of the components are soluble in Iso Alc you have nothing to lose.

mariner26, Aug 18, 9:06pm
Thanks for the help My cartridges are new. The printer has not been used for ages so the printhead (nozzles) will, I suspect, have blocked up with dried out ink. Actually, I can print colour, but not black.
Some of those suggestions might work - so shall try. No big deal as the printer is a "cheapie" (as they all are nowadays - running them is where it costs) and only a backup.
Cheers all.

dannyboy535i, Aug 19, 1:20am
Canon Black I bet its the pigment based Black that is blocked yes??
The problem lies with the Purge Valve and not the Print-head..
If you use Third Party Ink like many do,just make sure that the Pigment Based Black is a genuine Canon if you can.
Very hard one to solve ,if its under warranty take to the Canon Agent ,making sure of course that you have NO Third Party Ink in the Carrier,They are good when it comes to honoring Warranties.

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