Telstraclear wireless Dynalink help

fairness, Aug 18, 9:19am
Telstraclear wireless Dynalink help I started a thread here last week and although I had some good advice...still can't connect wireless! Phoned Telstra and the techno didn't want to know. He said as long as the modem was wired up and working, their job was done. (I could have kept my old modem for that!)He suggested I phone Dynalink (which I did) but it only has a basic recorded work through. I bought the darn thing off them with specific info that it was for my laptop and they knew that...what to do? :(

wholesaler, Aug 18, 9:20am
Have you accessed the router an setup Wireless access via it?

got2bin2win, Aug 18, 9:24am
Does The laptop first off see the wireless connection .

fairness, Aug 18, 9:24am
Hi wholesalerMy laptop won't pick it up. It does have an inbuilt wireless but I don't know how to connect the two...

fairness, Aug 18, 9:26am
No got2bin2win I inherited the laptop from my Mum in Australia, but she only purchased it last year. It's on Vista and has a wireless signal.

got2bin2win, Aug 18, 9:27am
As # 2 Said you need to log into router and enable wireless, whats the model number of router?

fairness, Aug 18, 9:29am
Dynalink RTA1025W

olando, Aug 18, 9:31am
You have to network your laptop Do you have a main computer and a laptop??? If you do, you have to network you laptop through your main computer. Go to my network places and on the right you start the wizard for setting up a home or small office network.

fairness, Aug 18, 9:34am
Yes I have a desktop that is wired ADSL through the wireless

fairness, Aug 18, 9:37am
Okay, thanks ! Will try that olando! Do I need the laptop wired in at the time?

spyware, Aug 18, 9:37am
Read manual, all manuals on Dynalink's website.

olando, Aug 18, 9:41am
You have to run the wizard through your desktop and make that the host computer it takes you through step by step and you can't really go wrong. It even has options to view examples. Then you have to run the same wizard through your laptop

olando, Aug 18, 9:46am
Run the wizard through your desktop first and then leave it on and connected to the internet. Then do your laptop. Good Luck I know how confusing it can be I only learnt to do this last week. And the wizard does take you through step my step let us know how you get on

fairness, Aug 18, 9:47am
Thanks spyware...have done that and am more confused than ever...I'm not very computer savy as you may tell :P olando, will try the desktop and see how that goes. Many thanks, much appreciated :)

got2bin2win, Aug 18, 10:00am
What You dont need to run wizard on both pc's do you know how to log onto router through desktop, you must if your on here, go into the router & first see under basic wireless settings is the enable wireless network box ticked? it wont broadcast a signal if its not enabled, step 1.

drcspy, Aug 18, 10:04am
Will the lappy pick up ANY wireless signal for instance take it into town and see if you can pickup the wireless signal from starbucks or a motel or your neighbour.......if you cant take a look at the machine they almost alwyas have a physical switch or key combo to turn the wirless on as it's not usually 'always on'.......

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