MYOB Accounting & Brother QL550 Label printer...

badcam, Aug 18, 10:21am
MYOB Accounting & Brother QL550 Label printerHas anyone been able to set up a Brother Label printer with MYOB. I want to be able to print address labels direct from MYOB. Can anyone help please?

1clickaway, Aug 18, 10:24am
What Version MYOB? &0;&0;&0;&0;&0;

badcam, Aug 18, 10:32am
Version18 .

badcam, Aug 18, 10:35am
I forgot to mention that the label sizes I have 69mm x 20mm.

macnamara, Aug 18, 10:39am
I have Its not too easy as you have to design your label at one of the preset page sizes and let the brother machine scale it automatically. We print out labels 62mm by 100mm.

1clickaway, Aug 18, 10:45am
Yeah MYOB help site says about the same; :) ( using epson printer as a reference; ) :D

badcam, Aug 18, 10:47am
5. Hmmm. This probably explains why I haven't been able to find any way to set a custom label size. So, how do the brother scale the printout? Could you perhaps come back to me with some more details as to how you do this? Tomorrow would be fine. I have to catch some Z's now anyway as I have an early start in the morning. Thanks for whatever help you can provide.

badcam, Aug 18, 10:49am
Thanks 1click. I've printed that out. I'll go over it when I get some spare time tomorrow. Enjoy you night.

badcam, Aug 18, 7:53pm
6. I had a good look at the 1click, but it's for retail manager, not accounting. I don't have those options and I need to be able to choose the appropriate printer depending upon the task. I'll give MYOB a call and see if they can help. If anyone has any more to offer, please feel free.

macnamara, Aug 18, 9:31pm
This is how i did itI created a mailing label A4 Letter size. I arranged all the elements i wanted to fill the A4 page. Then when i printed a mailing label through the brother printer it automatically adjusted it to fit on the 62mm x 100mm paper size i selected in the printer preferences. Although i did waste a few labels getting the layout and font sizes right.

1clickaway, Aug 18, 11:35pm
OkAfter a little MYOB help hunting; See if this helps; :D

badcam, Aug 19, 12:08am
I rang MYOB and they advised that it couldn't be done. I'll try macnamara's advice and experiment. The one thing I can do is export the addresses from the card info file for the sales invoices I want printed with labels as a csv or tab delimited. I can then imprt this file into the Brother P touch editor software. A long workaround for such a small task.

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